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ANIMATION Moreover, we also provide a series of all animations and visual effect works to implement customer requirement, which are 2D & 3D Animation, Motion Graphic, Visual Effect and Photo & VDO Shooting.

Nanobey Studio company limited is a multimedia one-stop-service company providing great quality of work in the city of Bangkok. We are the assembling of creatives, designers and marketers who offer the great media solutions to meet every needs.

With the mindset of 'Fusion of Fashion and Function', Nanobey Studio creates and produces the best media solutions for your business in graphic design, website, animation, application, game or event planning & management. As we aim for developing and creating the masterpiece of design which has the great combination of fashion and functions to achieve your goal.

We have experiences in serving all clients in every business sectors either private or government. Moreover, we are skillful with a wide range of media such as Traditional media, Digital media and New media. We are the answer of every design and media problems in your business and being the complement to make your business complete.

We are pleased to serve you with our experiences and professionalism. We try our best to make you satisfy with "honey from the rock".

At Nanobey Studio, we also do not stop developing our skills and competencies to create the best art pieces that meet all the needs more quickly and intently heading in to the future.

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บ.นาโนเบย์ สตูดิโอ จำกัด
274 ถนนสาทรเหนือ แขวงสีลม
เขตบางรัก กทม. 10500

Nanobey Studio Co.,Ltd.
274 North Sathorn Road, Silom,
Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand 10500

Telephone. 02-024-9320 Moblie Phone. 063-376-4477
Fax. 02-024-9320
CHAT @line